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Products > BTS Mechanical and Electrical > Wall Entry Plates for Feeder Cables

(Size: 490mm X 490mm X 3mm)

Hatch/ Entry Plate - 9 Way: We manufacture a new generation of cable entry systems that provide perfect fit to all types of coaxial cables used in transmission. Rubber boots are made out of specially formulated self-compressing EPDM rubber that makes it water proof and weather resistant. The grade of rubber used to manufacture boots excels in properties like heat resistance, ozone resistance, weatherproofing and withstanding low temperatures.

Cable Entry Systems are available in various designs to suit customer requirements and specifications. They come with Nine, Six, Four, Three or Two boot locations. The boots are easily detachable and replaceable. Boots with different designs are also available to suit the entry of different types of cables with a wide variety of designs and dimensions. In addition to the Rubber Boots, SS Hose Clamps are also provided to enhance the fitment. Dummy boots are also provided in case if any cable entry site is not required in the installation.


MS Wall Entry Plate (Powder Coated) - 6 Way (Size: 490mm X 345mm X 3mm)
Hatch/ Entry Plate - 4 Way
(Size: 345mm X 345mm X 2.2mm)

These can also be made in various other sizes to suit specific customer requirements. Above are shown 6-Way & 4-Way Entry Plates with detachable and interchangeable rubber boots.

SS Wall Entry Plate Fully Rubberized - 4 Way
(Size: 400mm X 400mm)

MS Wall Entry Plate (Powder Coated) - 4 Way
(Size: 400mm X 400mm X 3mm)

Above are shown Fully Rubberized 4-way entry plate with interchangeable boots. Stainless steel clamps are provided for better grip.

MS Wall Entry Plate (Powder Coated) - 8 Way
Size: 648mm X 444mm X 3mm)
MS Wall Entry Plate - 4 Way
(Size: 340mm X 340mm X 2.2mm)

Boot Assemblies: Standard boot assembly designed for use only with AEP-series entry ports that includes cushions ready for installation.

Cushion Inserts: Made of Ethylene Propylene Rubber, these cushions are UV stable and easy to install.

These inserts are designed to be used with standard entry ports.

Monobloc wall entries as shown below are weatherproof (IP67) and fire resistant (REI120). They can accommodate several cable size entries and combine multiple cable entry with sectorial rubber cable boots.

The steel entry plate can be fitted with 90 mm round or sectorial boots.

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