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Products > BTS Mechanical and Electrical > PVC Feder Clamps

1 5/8"- 3 Way

Feeder Clamps offered by us are designed for the installation of cables from size of 1/4" up to 1-5/8" in severe mechanical and environmental conditions.

The PVC Clamps are made of 100% ABS Plastic.

½"- 6 Way

These clamps must generally support the cable every meter to the tower, in order to avoid any risk of slipper-age or longitudinal deformation due to its own weight, to the wind velocity, gusts and induced turbulences and finally to vibrations of the tower. In addition, in some area radial ice accumulation will increase the overall loading. In such case, a reduction in the hanger spacing is necessary.

¼"- 3 Way
7/8"- 3 Way
1 ¼"- Single Way
1 ¼"- 2 Way
1 5/8"- Single Way
1 5/8"- 2 Way
7/8"- 2 Way
½"- 3 Way
1 ¼"- 3 Way

7/8" Click-on Type- 6 Way

Click - On Hangers are specifically designed to support the coaxial cables in a better way,

making it much safer and aesthetically more appealing than any other system of cabling. They are stackable, quick installable and provide perfect fit to give your cable system a professional appearance, especially in a confined space.

The hangers are made of special high strength material that provides adequate grip to the cables.

The material is designed to withstand the atrocities of weather like rain, UV exposure, heat etc. The materials set the standard for durability, simplicity of installation and are cost effective. It requires only two wrenches for installation. Click-On Hangers can be attached to any type of surfaces with a help of hardware kit provided with the hangers.

1 ¼" Click-on Type- 4 Way
1 ¼" Click-on Type- 2 Way
1 5/8" Clickon Type- 2 Way

7/8"- 6 Way

Dual Hanger Blocks are injection molded polycarbonate plastic, stackable. Two runs per block, stacked one, two or three high for a total of six runs per unit. These units require angle or round member adaptor sold separately for mounting.

Standard tower configuration spacing is 3-4 feet (1-1.2m). UV stable polycarbonate construction allows you to neatly stack coax into space saving bundles.

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